A Brief History

Back when I was in massage school (at Pittsburgh School for Massage Therapy), one of the teachers strongly encouraged us to connect with other professional massage therapists as soon as we left school. That would give us an opportunity to continue to grow, contact with others in our field and so forth - things we would abruptly lose as soon as our formal schooling was over. Some friends and I took that to heart and immediately started to get together in 1998 both to share massage as well as to talk. Bit by bit we invited others, then soon decided to open our gatherings up to all who were interested. Eventually we had monthly get-togethers over breakfasts and suppers, and I sent out e-mails after our gatherings to disseminate the information to those who were interested. After several years, I was no longer able to continue doing the work necessary to keep it going, and someone else stepped in for a while. A bit later, it ended.

Fast-forward to the fall of 2009... I found myself eager to start the gatherings back up. I missed the camaraderie and the information. So welcome back those who remember "the good old days" and "hello!" to the newer folks, too.