Welcome! We're delighted that you've found your way to this web site. It's a growing so please check back frequently for new information. And please send e-mails to SerenityNancy@gmail.com with anything you'd like to add or change - it's for all of us. This site has been set up to disseminate information to massage therapists and bodyworkers throughout West Virginia. Thanks for stopping by!


A Brief History

Back when I was in massage school (at Pittsburgh School for Massage Therapy), one of the teachers strongly encouraged us to connect with other professional massage therapists as soon as we left school. That would give us an opportunity to continue to grow, contact with others in our field and so forth - things we would abruptly lose as soon as our formal schooling was over. Some friends and I took that to heart and immediately started to get together in 1998 both to share massage as well as to talk. Bit by bit we invited others, then soon decided to open our gatherings up to all who were interested. Eventually we had monthly get-togethers over breakfasts and suppers, and I sent out e-mails after our gatherings to disseminate the information to those who were interested. After several years, I was no longer able to continue doing the work necessary to keep it going, and someone else stepped in for a while. A bit later, it ended.

Fast-forward to the fall of 2009... I found myself eager to start the gatherings back up. I missed the camaraderie and the information. So welcome back those who remember "the good old days" and "hello!" to the newer folks, too.

Schedule of Gatherings

NOTE: Gatherings are suspended at this point in time. If you would like to put one together, please do so. If you want to post it here, send an e-mail to SerenityNancy@gmail.com.

Professional massage therapists and others in related fields are encouraged to join together once a month to get to know one another and share information together. In order to have a regular schedule yet meet on various dates and times, we will be meeting on the 15th of each month or the closest weekday (meet Friday if the 15th falls on a Saturday, and meet Monday if the 15th falls on a Sunday), alternating breakfast one month and supper the next. Gatherings will be held at restuarants in Marion and Harrison Counties (sometimes Monongalia County), or in massage therapists' offices. Specific locations for each Gathering will be posted on this site.

If the Harrison/Marion County area is too far for you to join us, consider setting up Gatherings in your own community!

There are no dues, this is not a club, and you will be ordering off a menu and paying for your own meal.

Monday, August 16, 2010 - breakfast
Wednesday, September 15, 2010 - supper
Friday, October 15, 2010 - breakfast
Monday, November 15, 2010 - supper
Wednesday, December 15, 2010 - breakfast

No Gathering Currently Scheduled

Notes to share from 2010 Gatherings

July 15, 2010:
To be added

April 15, 2010:
To be added

March 15, 2010:


We had a fun group of 5 bodyworkers gather at Bob Evans talking and laughing over deserts and dinners.

We talked about the 1100+ post cards just mailed out to all the massage therapists in WV. The cards contained information about upcoming classes, information about an esthetician, and this Gathering web site. A tool on the web site indicates that the postcard did spread the Gathering information, as well as increase class attendances.

We are excited to share the news that there is now interest in starting Gatherings in new areas - Buckhannon, the northern panhandle, the eastern panhandle, and Parkersburg! It would be wonderful to see Gatherings begin also in Charleston, Huntington, and Beckley (as well as any other areas where y'all might want to gather). If you are interested in gathering with other bodyworkers in your area and want to share that information in this web site, send me an e-mail with the details (SerenityNancy@gmail.com).

A few upcoming events were discussed, including the World Massage Festival in Berea, KY in June (see http://www.worldmassagefestival.com/)

Two new liability insurance companies for bodyworkers were discovered. They are listed in the "Insurance" section below.

Nancy Castro recently adopted another adult dog, and shared information about a video she found in the Marion County Public Library, "Ttouch - a revolutionary approach to dog training" by Linda Tellington-Jones. It's an interesting approach to gentle training, healing and communicating through, of course, touch. It also has applications to touching humans, not just dogs.

The April 15th Gathering will be breakfast in Fairmont (see details above). There's some discussion about an August 15th state-wide Gathering picnic and outdoor massage trade (centrally located in Flatwoods?). Let me know if you have any interest in this idea (SerenityNancy@gmail.com).

February 15, 2010: Due to injuries, work schedules, and especially weather, we had a small but still fun group of 3 bodyworkers gather at Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Fairmont for breakfast - with a very entertaining food server by the name of Penny.

We discussed the CPR class coming up on February 27th. If you plan to attend, please tell Debbie Thompson IMMEDIATELY so she can add you to the growing list. See "Continuing Ed Opportunities" below for details.

Given the extreme winter weather we've had lately, it was natural for the talk to turn to the subject of snow and ice removal as well as the use of kitty litter, salt, and calcium to keep our parking and walking areas safe for clients. Is your office area safe? Do you walk your clients to/from their vehicles? And are YOU safe as you move around your office facility?

The primary topic of conversation was about our businesses - how to keep them growing, public speaking, recharging ourselves and our offices, dealing with business associates, being responsible for our own practices, balancing the many aspects of our lives, the need to set boundaries, the value of networking, and so forth. We had such an enjoyable time together, that we extended our breakfast for 2 hours.

January 15, 2010: We had a delightful group of 9 bodyworkers meet at and tour the new offices of Chrissy Zeltner, LMT, in Fairmont, then moved next door to the Dutchman's Daughter Restaurant and enjoyed good dinners and great service from our extremely accommodating food server, Jessica.

Great news that word of this web site and the Gatherings is getting more widely distributed, as it is now included in some AMTA and PERG publications!

Valarie Dunlevy announced a change in her teaching schedule. The "Introduction to Thai Massage" class original scheduled to start on March 19th, has been moved one week to March 26th. Nancy Castro announced that the CPR class specifically designed for the needs of massage therapists has been scheduled to be held on February 27th - to be taught by American Red Cross and facilitated by Debbie Thompson. See "Continuing Ed Opportunities" below for details.

There were discussions about scam e-mails directed to massage therapists, how to handle "no-shows", and various classes and CEU issues, as well as other smaller conversations around the tables as folks got to know one another.

The primary discussion was of particular interest to the newer therapists - how have we successfully brought new clients to our practices. A number of great ideas floated around the room, and we'd love to gather them in writing and include them on this web site. Send yours to SerenityNancy@gmail.com and they'll be added to the "Discussions, anyone?" section below.

In closing, Chrissy Zeltner told us about the Patagonia Wild and Scenic Film Festival coming to the Warner Theatre in Morgantown at 7:pm on February 16th. The cost is only $8 and will help clean up West Virginia rivers.

Thank you, Chrissy, for opening up your new offices to us, and for hosting our Gathering!

Notes to share from 2009 Gatherings

December 15, 2009: We had a group of 5 massage therapists gather for breakfast at Eat and Park in Bridgeport. As we continue to grow, we discussed how to get the word of Gatherings out so that other therapists could join us and/or have access to the information on this web site. Please share this with your friends and co-workers!

Chrissy Zeltner warned us about some scam e-mails directed toward massage therapists.

Valarie Dunlevy asked if anyone might be interested in volunteering their time and clerical talents to help a free dental clinic with bookkeeping on a part-time basis (no, this is not a massage gig). (see "Classified Ads" below)

Debbie Thompson gave details of a CPR class directed to the needs of massage therapists that she is facilitating (check out the "Continuing Ed" section below) through American Red Cross. She confirmed that this class is considered a Category A class by the WV Massage Licensing Board.

Other classes were discussed, including equine massage, scar massage, cranio-sacral therapy, and more. It was noted that Valarie Dunlevy's 2010 classes have been added to this web site.

Nancy Castro gave details on the progress of offering free massages at the VA Hospital, and all that the Hospital is doing in that direction (info in "Gigs" below).

At the close of the Gathering, Chrissy Zeltner invited everyone to meet Riley the Therapy Cat at the January Gathering, which she generously offered to host in her office in Fairmont. (see "Friday, January 15th..." for details)

November 16, 2009: We had a group of 4 massage therapists gather for supper at the Grand China Buffet and Grill in Fairmont. As only the second Gathering, there was still a lot of conversation about the web site, the Gatherings, etc.

In addition, we had a marvelous time laughing at funny stories and creative ideas, and decided to use this also as a venue to collect a variety of stories from massage therapists, starting with funny stories. So if you have any you'd like to share, please take a few minutes to type them out (changing the names, of course) and e-mail them to SerenityNancy@gmail.com to be enjoyed by other therapists through this web site.

We also discussed licensing exams, some items to be listed in the Classifieds section, and new continuing education classes.

October 15, 2009: We had a group of 4 massage therapists gather for breakfast at Panera's in Bridgeport. It was the first Gathering in several years, so most of the conversations centered around the Gatherings, the web site, and so forth. Your input is always welcome! This IS a group effort.

We also discussed issues surrounding gift certificates, and clients who miss their appointments without cancelling or after cancelling at the last minute. The final item considered was how and when to get newspaper coverage of the Gatherings in order to disseminate the information more broadly.

Discussions, anyone?

If you have a question, an issue you'd like to discuss, are seeking advice, etc., e-mail it to SerenityNancy@gmail.com and it will be posted here in order for others to have the opportunity to respond.

January 2010 - New Clients
Share with us some of the ways that you were able to attract and bring in new clients, especially when you were first starting your practice.

November 2009 - Insurance Coding
Some of us bill insurance directly, some of us don't. But, do we have the RIGHT to CODE on a receipt, either the diagnosis and/or the modality, if we aren't in a doctor's office or other professional's office that can do that? Is this legal for us to do?

November 2009 - Client Chart Privacy
During auditing by an insurance company, is it legal for them to look at client files with notes, billing, etc.? Since we are classified by the State as Health Care Professionals, do they have the right to look at our client files for any reason? Does anyone?

Touching Stories About Massage

Send your massage stories to SerenityNancy@gmail.com to be included here. Share your favorite compliments, poignant moments, breakthroughs, etc., and be sure to change names and circumstances so no confidences will be broken (please be completely confidential). Also, if you'd like to share pertinent photos, they may be posted here as well.

(1/10) Walter Loeb
I have been doing some massage for hospice, and like everything else, people, experiences, results, etc. are variable. My star patient so far has been a woman in her mid 80's with dementia, not specifically diagnosed She spent all her life lying in bed on her back, staring at the ceiling. She has a lovely caregiver. I gave her one massage, after which she ate a good lunch and then called all her friends on the telephone.

Classified Ads for Products and Services

If there is something you'd like to find, or something you'd like to offer, send it to me by e-mail (SerenityNancy@gmail.com) and I will post it here.

Massage Table for Sale
Burgundy table with face rest, black case. $250.
Contact Rachel Leesburg at 304/745????

Web Design and Graphics
MML Design

Office Space Available
Well-established, exceptionally pleasant, professional massage practice (10+ years) in Cheat Lake has an office open for another licensed therapist. All is provided other than creams, linens, and clients. It even has an electric lift table! The office - located in Ashbrooke Square - is ready to step into and begin working. Rent is only $350/month and includes utilities.
Contact Hwasunna Turner at 304/594-3557.

Massage Discounts Available
5 for the price of 4 discounts with newspaper coupons discounts with referral cards
contact Colleen Linger at Soul Reflections 304/203-5295

Bookkeeper Needed Part-Time
A free dental clinic in northcentral West Virginia needs part-time help with bookkeeping. This is a volunteer position - a great (non-massage) opportunity to give back to your community and love your neighbors!
contact Valarie Dunlevy 304/624-3600 ValarieLMT@NaturalTouch.org

Items For Sale
1) Prego Pillow pregnancy massge support system. Like new. Cost $359. Asking $275.
2) Large carrying case (bag) for portable table. Has padded shoulder strap and small outside pocket. Very good condition $50.
3) Oakworks tabletop massage system and carrying case. Used twice. $75.
Contact 304-472-6682 (Buckhannon, WV)

For Sale
Oakworks products - all products, including sheets, bolsters, tables, etc. as well as electric and hydraulic lift tables (see http://www.oakworks.com/). As a distributor, Valarie can offer you some great deals!
contact Valarie Dunlevy 304/624-3600 ValarieLMT@NaturalTouch.org

For Sale
high quality linens for bed and bath from Private Quarters http://www.susan.privatequarters.net/
contact Susan May 703/307-7363 PartiesBySusanM@aol.com

Photography services
Mimi Weinreb Photography
contact Mimi Weinreb 304/622-6309 http://www.mimiweinreb.com/


Ideas for music to consider adding to your massage practice. Share a list of your favorite music selections by sending it to SerenityNancy@gmail.com. Thanks!

Plus, if you would like to exchange music with others at the Gatherings, bring your CDs with you to share or trade!

New Age



other styles


Civic, service, and charitable opportunities, races, health fairs, trade shows, etc. If you know of any upcoming gigs, please send details to SerenityNancy@gmail.com so they can be added to this list. Thanks!


Louis A. Johnson Veteran's Admin. Hospital
to volunteer free professional massages to VA Hospital patients
[first a 2-hour training is required, as well as a TB test and fingerprinting]
Clarksburg, WV
contact Tom Gallagher 304/623-3461 x 3669 Thomas.Gallagher3@VA.gov
or contact Nancy Castro 304/366-1686 SerenityNancy@gmail.com

Continuing Education Opportunities

This is a list of continuing education opportunities. Those that apply toward licensure, certification, and insurance for WV massage therapists are so noted.


August 21-22, 2010
Spa Integrative Reflexology 2 Day
A Claire Marie Miller Seminar. The Whole Hand Approach.
(see http://www.naturaltouch.org/ for details)
Morgantown, WV
16 CEUs - $400
contact Valarie Dunlevy 304/624-3600 ValarieLMT@NaturalTouch.org


September 10-12, 2010
Spa Integrative Reflexology - Three Days
A Claire Marie Miller Seminar. The Whole Hand Approach. Includes certification.
(see http://www.naturaltouch.org/ for details)
Lost Creek, WV
24 CEUs - $450 (includes lunches)
contact Valarie Dunlevy 304/624-3600 ValarieLMT@NaturalTouch.org

September 25-26, 2010
Refreshing the Skills
Learn some new techniques, brush up on old ones, and get lots of bodywork, too!
(see http://www.naturaltouch.org/ for details)
Lost Creek, WV
16 CEUs - $275 [NOTE: Ethics is included in class fee!] (includes lunches)
contact Valarie Dunlevy 304/624-3600 ValarieLMT@NaturalTouch.org

September 26, 2010
Ethics - Ethical Boundaries & Relationships
(see http://www.naturaltouch.org/ for details)
Lost Creek, WV
3 CEUs - $30
contact Valarie Dunlevy 304/624-3600 ValarieLMT@NaturalTouch.org


October 2, 2010 10:am – 3:pm
Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Plant Spirit Healing
Finding your path (tools for self-discovery, soul growth, and emotional well-being) and spiritual nourishment through plants.
Salem, WV
contact Anne Romance and Chuck Lothes
(304) 783-5271 or e-mail: anmari@mailstation.com

October 3, 2010 1:pm – 4:pm
Harvesting Wisdom: Nature Connections
An opportunity to experience and deepen your connection with nature.
Salem, WV
contact Anne Romance and Chuck Lothes
(304) 783-5271 or e-mail: anmari@mailstation.com

October 8-10, 2010
Introduction to Thai Massage
To introduce you to the style, rhythm, and method of Thai Massage ("Naud Bo-rarn"), an ancient healing system that combines Indian Ayurvedic principles, Eastern acupressure techniques, and assisted yoga postures.
NOTE: You must be able to get down on the floor and crawl on your knees in order to take this class.
(see http://www.naturaltouch.org/ for details)
Morgatown, WV
24 CEUs - $395
contact Valarie Dunlevy 304/624-3600 ValarieLMT@NaturalTouch.org

October 23-24, 2010
Hot Stone Massage
(see http://www.naturaltouch.org/ for details)
Lost Creek, WV
16 CEUs - $325 (includes lunches)
contact Valarie Dunlevy 304/624-3600 ValarieLMT@NaturalTouch.org


November 13-14, 2010
Refreshing the Skills
Learn some new techniques, brush up on old ones, and get lots of bodywork, too!
(see http://www.naturaltouch.org/ for details)
Berkeley Springs, WV
16 CEUs - $275 [NOTE: Ethics is included in class fee!]
contact Valarie Dunlevy 304/624-3600 ValarieLMT@NaturalTouch.org

November 14, 2010
Ethics - Ethical Boundaries & Relationships
(see http://www.naturaltouch.org/ for details)
Berkeley Springs, WV
3 CEUs - $30
contact Valarie Dunlevy 304/624-3600 ValarieLMT@NaturalTouch.org

November 19-21, 2010
Spa Integrative Reflexology - Three Days
A Claire Marie Miller Seminar. The Whole Hand Approach. Includes certification.
(see http://www.naturaltouch.org/ for details)
Lost Creek, WV
24 CEUs - $450 (includes lunches)
contact Valarie Dunlevy 304/624-3600 ValarieLMT@NaturalTouch.org


December 4, 2010 10:am – 3:pm
Listening to Deep Wisdom: Plant Spirit Healing
Finding your path (tools for self-discovery, soul growth, and emotional well-being) and spiritual nourishment through plants.
Salem, WV
contact Anne Romance and Chuck Lothes
(304) 783-5271 or e-mail: anmari@mailstation.com

December 5, 2010 1:pm – 4:pm
Learning From Stillness: Nature Connections
An opportunity to experience and deepen your connection with nature.
Salem, WV
contact Anne Romance and Chuck Lothes
(304) 783-5271 or e-mail: anmari@mailstation.com


And remember to also contact the schools listed on this web site to learn what they might be offering.

Massage Schools Near/In WV

Allegany College of Maryland
12401 Willowbrook Road, SE Cumberland, MD 21502

Art & Science Institute of Cosmetology & Massage
33 Corey Road Fairmont, WV 26554

Clarksburg Beauty Academy & School of Massage
120 South 3rd Street Clarksburg, WV 26301
(no e-mail address)

Everest Institute
5514 Big Tyler Road Cross Lanes, WV 25313

I-N Touch Therapy School of Massage
1401 Sixth Avenue Huntington, WV 25701

Morgantown Beauty College
276 Walnut Street Morgantown, WV 26501
(no e-mail address)

Mountain State School of Massage
601 50th Street Charleston, WV 25304

Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy
3600 Laketon Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15235

If you are aware of any other massage schools in WV or nearby in any border state, please e-mail the information to SerenityNancy@gmail.com so they may be included in this list. Thanks!

WV Licensure

West Virginia Massage Therapy Licensure Board

Licensing Exams and National Certification

Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

Insurance (Professional and Health)

Professional Liability Insurance:

American Massage Council

American Massage Therapy Association

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals

Hands-On Trade Association

International Massage Association

Health Insurance:

WVU offers true health insurance for its students, including part-time students. You need take only 3 credit hours for one semester in order to be eligible for health insurance for a whole year. Tuition and fees for 3 credit hours is approximately $650, and the premium for a full year of insurance is approximately $900. That's health insurance (including prescription coverage) for less than $100 per month. Contact WVU's Student Health office for details.

If you are aware of any other companies that offer professional liability insurance for massage professionals or affordable health insurance, please let me know (SerenityNancy@gmail.com). Thanks!

Massage Magazines

Massage & Bodywork
ABMP's magazine

Massage Magazine

Massage Therapy Journal
AMTA's magazine

Massage Today (newspaper)

If you are aware of any other massage-oriented magazines or newspapers, please share the information with me at SerenityNancy@gmail.com. Thanks!

List of Massage Therapists

This is an alphabetical list of massage therapists (and others) along with their contact information. If you wish to be included, please submit your contact information at a Gathering or via e-mail (mailto:SerenityNancy@gmail.com.

Burley, Kathy "KJ" (3/10)
That's the Spot! Massage Therapy
Rt 2, 134 Lafayette Ave.
Moundsville, WV 26041

Castro, Nancy Goodpasture (10/09)
Specialties: Neuromuscular Therapy, Esalen
Yellow Leaf Studios
Route 6, Box 66F; Fairmont, WV 26554

Dunlevy, Valarie (10/09)
Specialties: Thai Massage, Reflexology, Deep Tissue
Natural Touch
Route 3, Box 543; Lost Creek, WV 26385
304/624-3600 or 304/745-3958

Floyd, Rebecca (12/09)

Higgins, Wendy (11/09)
Inner Touch
offices in Buckhannon, WV
HC 78 Box 54-C; Rock Cave, WV 26234
304/472-6682 office
304/924-5851 home

Linger, Colleen (10/09)
Soul Reflections
Route 1, Box 563; Mt. Clare, WV 26408

Liston, Brenda (3/10)
Specialties: Deep Tissue
Therapy Touch
40 Hillcrest Lane; Bridgeport, WV 26330
304/641-6266 cell
304/842-3534 home

Loeb, Walter (3/10)
Massage by Walter
Paw Paw, WV 25434
301/602-9616 cell

Myer, Shawn (1/10)
Beyond Relief! Massage Therapy
Suite 50, 63 Wharf Street; Morgantown, WV 26501

Oldham, Anne (1/10)
Time For You Massage Therapy
Suite C, 2885 University Ave.; Morgantown, WV 26505

Scotchel, Jennifer (1/10)
Mother's Intuition Massage
Suite 3039, 2567 University Ave.; Morgantown, WV 26505

Thompson, Debbie (10/09)
Specialties: Deep Tissue
Route 2, Box 62; Bridgeport, WV 26330

Williams, Cathy (1/10)
Soothing Sensations
401 Grasselli St.; Stonewood, WV 26301
304/669-1297 or 304/623-0863

Zeltner, Chrissy (11/09)
Haven of Healing Arts
2807 Whitehall Blvd.; Whitehall, WV 26554

Contact Information

If you have information to share with the West Virginia Massage group, or have questions, comments or feedback, please send them to me:

Nancy Goodpasture Castro, LMT
Route 6, Box 66F
Fairmont, WV 26554