Notes to share from 2009 Gatherings

December 15, 2009: We had a group of 5 massage therapists gather for breakfast at Eat and Park in Bridgeport. As we continue to grow, we discussed how to get the word of Gatherings out so that other therapists could join us and/or have access to the information on this web site. Please share this with your friends and co-workers!

Chrissy Zeltner warned us about some scam e-mails directed toward massage therapists.

Valarie Dunlevy asked if anyone might be interested in volunteering their time and clerical talents to help a free dental clinic with bookkeeping on a part-time basis (no, this is not a massage gig). (see "Classified Ads" below)

Debbie Thompson gave details of a CPR class directed to the needs of massage therapists that she is facilitating (check out the "Continuing Ed" section below) through American Red Cross. She confirmed that this class is considered a Category A class by the WV Massage Licensing Board.

Other classes were discussed, including equine massage, scar massage, cranio-sacral therapy, and more. It was noted that Valarie Dunlevy's 2010 classes have been added to this web site.

Nancy Castro gave details on the progress of offering free massages at the VA Hospital, and all that the Hospital is doing in that direction (info in "Gigs" below).

At the close of the Gathering, Chrissy Zeltner invited everyone to meet Riley the Therapy Cat at the January Gathering, which she generously offered to host in her office in Fairmont. (see "Friday, January 15th..." for details)

November 16, 2009: We had a group of 4 massage therapists gather for supper at the Grand China Buffet and Grill in Fairmont. As only the second Gathering, there was still a lot of conversation about the web site, the Gatherings, etc.

In addition, we had a marvelous time laughing at funny stories and creative ideas, and decided to use this also as a venue to collect a variety of stories from massage therapists, starting with funny stories. So if you have any you'd like to share, please take a few minutes to type them out (changing the names, of course) and e-mail them to SerenityNancy@gmail.com to be enjoyed by other therapists through this web site.

We also discussed licensing exams, some items to be listed in the Classifieds section, and new continuing education classes.

October 15, 2009: We had a group of 4 massage therapists gather for breakfast at Panera's in Bridgeport. It was the first Gathering in several years, so most of the conversations centered around the Gatherings, the web site, and so forth. Your input is always welcome! This IS a group effort.

We also discussed issues surrounding gift certificates, and clients who miss their appointments without cancelling or after cancelling at the last minute. The final item considered was how and when to get newspaper coverage of the Gatherings in order to disseminate the information more broadly.